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  • Therapeutic and mild. unique fragrances in their soaps. exfoliating and awesome feeling after a bath. highly recommended after a month of usage

    Vinod Sriramulu

  • I have regularly been using ARDRA soaps. I can say for sure that these are the BEST soaps I have used so far. After using the soaps, the skin feels soft and smooth. I strongly recommend it for everyone

    Linkesh Bhagyavanta

  • must recommend this Begone serum for acne pore skin. I bought it 20 days before and I am using it regularly without fail, now I feel my skin s so soft and supple, acne scars are fading. The smell of the serum is strong

    Preetha Karthik

  • "Being one with nature - This statement truly reflects the products of Ardra. Ever since I started using their soaps I have realised what I missed all these days. The freshness one feels after taking bath is unmatched. The soap is wonderful for kids too. My little one is a fan of their rose soaps and loves his bath time. All credits to Ardra soaps. The next star in their product range is the serum. Their serum not only makes your skin flawless but also makes it supple and soft. With no harmful chemicals the serum is a gift for all women. Especially for women like me with sensitive skin, the serum works wonders. Please try out Ardra products to see the magic with your own eyes."


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