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Our Story



Hello, I’m Kamakshi Bilesh – Founder, ARDRA. ARDRA is a home-grown wellness brand that sprouted out of our love for natural formulations. ARDRA in Sanksrit means “Moisture” and our products carry ancient traditions to the modern world.

How it all started
Like every parent we always wanted the best products for our family. Personal care products in the market were riddled with harmful chemicals so we decided to formulate products for our personal use. Being born into a large family of naturopaths we picked the brains of all the mothers and grandmothers of our family and started formulating skin and hair care products in 2017. We take utmost care to ensure that our products do not have any harmful chemicals and are gentle on the skin. Friends and family started trying out the products and after seeing the results they came back for more. Soon, with the love and support of our family and friends, my husband (Bilesh) and I joined with our friends to launch ARDRA.


Clean - Natural and toxin-free. No hidden ingredients - full disclosure of the ingredients to help you make the right choice. We take utmost care in formulating and carefully sourcing the best ingredients for you <IMAGE>
<IMAGE> Affordable - We aim to make high quality skin care affordable and accessible for all
Responsible - We do not test on animals. We use recyclable materials. We support various social causes to make the world a better place. <IMAGE>
<IMAGE> - Effective - Every product is tested for efficacy and we launch it only when we are satisfied

<Icon/Image> Customer Experience: We always put our customers first and work on makingHow are we different? sure that they have a fantastic experience






<Icon/Image> Quality First: Quality is of utmost importance to us. At each stage of sourcing and production we ensure that the high quality is maintained
<Icon/Image> Innovation: We invest our resources in innovation to churn products that are great for our customers
<Icon/Image> Wellness: Going beyond beauty we create products that are great for our well being

Authentic. Natural. Pure.

ARDRA is a humble home-grown wellness brand that sprouted out of our love for natural formulations. Meticulously handcrafted with the wisdom of Ayurveda and herbs, our products carry ancient traditions to the modern world. Our only intent is to bring you a spectacular range of herbal skin and hair solutions that are not only natural, but effective and therapeutic.

Hailing from a family of naturopaths, herbal and natural products are not new to us. Our forefathers have always sworn by natural beauty care and herbal formulations. We garnered their knowledge and harnessed Nature’s healing powers to create an exotic range of wellness products. Our formulations have been perfected over decades to give you unique and magical experiences.

Our Promise

ARDRA in Sanskrit  means “Moist” or “Nourish”. True to our name, all our products are pure, hydrating and rejuvenating. When you choose to buy any of our products, you feel the richness of its ingredients, in its most natural and unprocessed form. We stand firm on our promise - No harmful additives or chemical substitutes. Just quality, authentic, effective and natural products, from our family to yours.

So, pamper your skin, with ARDRA products. Your body deserves it. 

Quality Assurance

Each of our formulated products are first tried and tested on our own selves. And only after we are convinced of its efficacy, we decide to launch the products. We carry this promise of purity and elegance high on our shoulders, and pride ourselves in being one of the most responsible brands. Every product under the aegis of the brand is an exquisite experience – a journey towards true beauty.

Carefully Sourced

From the beginning, we place utmost importance on the quality and carefully source the best ingredients, free from any fillers or preservatives. No traces of harsh chemicals, parabens, or chemicals. This is what makes our range incredibly gentle, safe and potent. To us, your safety means the most.

The Hand-Made Experience

At ARDRA, we go the extra-mile to handcraft each of our products and transform the fresh experience into an extraordinary saga. We have a keen eye for detailing and precision. Each ingredient is hand cut, hand poured, and hand wrapped in small batches, to create nothing less than phenomenal. Come, experience the true magic of natural beauty. Your Skin will Thank you